It's a radio; it's a hotline. What does it broadcast?

Broadcast #1 - Nov 21, 2022

Albums of the Week: The Power and the Glory by Gentle Giant and Quiet World by Native Construct.

Welcome, listener! Or rather, "reader". It is November 21st of 2022, and the radio shall begin regular broadcasting. Although it was started on a Monday, this page will be updated every Saturday night or Sunday.

Today's topic: what is the last greatest song or album that you listened to?

I listened to a large number of albums over the past week, and Quiet World by Native Construct blew me away. Beautiful album.

Hopes for next week: I'm deeply thinking about whether I should change my major. It's difficult, but I will sort it out when the time comes.

Until next time!

Feel free to drop answers at troyonproton (at) protonmail (dot) com, or suggest a topic for next time.

Broadcast #2 - Nov 27, 2022

Albums of the Week: Five Leaves Left by Nick Drake and The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd.

I listened to 32 albums over the past two weeks, or more if you count full re-listens during that period. There is also music from outside the full-album-listening, so in total, that is probably too much music for the average person with responsibilities. To be fair, most of the listening was done while doing other, more important things.

I loved every one of those albums, but ones that stand out to me made it to the "Album of the Week" notes of both broadcasts. I have written about them in detail here.

Today's topic: what is something that you could do right now—right where you are—to make your life better?

I would drop everything and begin recording music.

Hopes for next week: I will work as hard as I can to pass this semester.

Until next time!

As usual, answers and suggestions are welcome and encouraged.