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.: 8.25.22

there's a convention coming up in about a week. i'm excited for it! ...i think. yeah, i am definitely excited, i think, but also nervous. i'm going to be cosplaying, my first 'real' cosplay i guess. i'm nervous that it's going to look stupid and amateurish. but then again, i am literally an amateur, so i'm not sure why that bothers me so much...

i hope that i have fun and i don't worry about my costume too much. i've been feeling really self-conscious and i don't want it to affect what should be a fun time...

jaden's birthday is on the 31st... i feel like i haven't done enough. i don't really have any big plans. that makes me upset... i feel like i'm not being a very good girlfriend u_u idk, it's a very absurd thing to be upset about, but i haven't had a lot of energy lately, so maybe i shouldn't be too hard on myself...

.: 8.3.22

i need to be more proactive in making myself happy! well, i mean, i've been trying to do that for a long time now... but i need to add relaxation to it i guess! maybe! idk for sure.

also i need to stop staying up so late!!!! it doesn't do anything for me except mess up my sleep schedule and make me feel all mopey.

.: 7.30.22

lately i have been feeling very lonely and i'm not quite sure what to do about it. i feel like i've been trying my best to keep my chin up and do things to keep myself distracted or try to cheer myself up but it's getting very hard. you can only loop the same energy so many times before it starts dissipating. i'm not quite sure where to go from here but I think it might be another few hard weeks.

.: 07.28.22

old school runescape is so fun, and by fun i mean boring but that's what makes it so endearing. you just chop down trees for hours and mine rocks and collect things (or at least that's what i do) and it rocks so hard. there's no incentive to play every day or get log in bonuses or even accomplish anything. just chill out. i love mobile games but they stress me out so much that i have to quit playing them for months at a time. i like that runescape has no obligations.

.: 07.27.22

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