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Welcome to my Interevolution blog! Right now I'm listening to the Arthur Theme Song because it's a bop. Sooner or later I might update Interevolution. I might update the official Interevolution page too.

Today me and my family are going on a six day trip to Virginia to visit friends and family for Thanksgiving! So today we are going to Georgia first because a direct travel would be too long. So this means I won't be updating Interevolution and I'll be online Neocities and Interevolution a little less! Anyways, hope y'all have a nice day!

09:05 AM EST

Today is day 2 of our Virginia thanksgiving trip. Our family is currently staying in a mediocre Day Inn in south east Tennessee. I guess I might timestamp these blogs. So this hotel is pretty small and it's in a shabby part of town.

Hotel View

So we are checking out at around 11 am. And after that we are on a road trip all the way to south west Virginia to have Thanksgiving with friends and family. Hope y'all have a happy Thanksgiving! 🦃😊🥧

2:21 PM EST

Hey there! So yesterday night, we reached the AirBnB with our family friends. We talked and played and then slept for the night. So then we woke up, played some games, and now we had Thanksgiving lunch. It is super fun. We explored some too. The AirBnB is basically surrounded by woodlands and grasslands. It's really fun to explore. I'll give some photos I took of the scenery.

Lake Scenery

Can't wait to have Thanksgiving dinner! Happy Thanksgiving 🦃😊😋😁👍

10:39 PM EST

Soo I forgot to blog for a day... Sorry for that 😋. So today was the last day of our Thanksgiving trip. We went bowling 🎳 in the afternoon and I got the high score out our group!

My high score in bowling

I was the first N with a high score of 50! Then after bowling we had a 6 hour trip back to another family friend's house to sleep 😴 for the night. So it was a pretty good day. I also watched the fifa world cup today. Saudi Arabia lost to Poland and Mexico lost to Argentina 😫.