hello world! hola mundo!

hai guys and welcome to my very own intervolution page. this is my neocities troy-sucks. why doesn't my inervolution page go by the same name? well there's a very simple answer and it's just because i want an op name. lol. im not sure if i can do css or divs or advanced/outdated html, but i'll ask arandom site. anyways bye bye bye

update: just been enlightened that intervolution! uses markdown, not html!! very useful!!! wonder if theres css thingies tho...

things i like!!!!!!

  1. listening to music like
    1. gorillaz
    2. the garden
    3. mac demarco
    4. c418
  2. drawing (my webcomic can be found here!!!)
  3. writing (i had a fanfic phase at one point, definitely not linking them lol)
  4. coding (check out my codepen! i usually test out my pages before butting them on the interwebs, so u can see my stuff and learn from my code!!)
  5. playing computer and console games :3 i especially like cookie clicker and candy box!! (also i find it funny that my favourite games are based off of sweet food lol)
    1. im trying to code a game of my own but it's still in its infancy angrygrr
    2. also!!!!! my friend lythr0nax is making a game called greg!!!!!! so i'd like to show it here!!!! :3
  6. ermmm i think thats it so far :333 other hobbies i like include exercising, cooking, being with friends and also good food!!! :D

hey wanna see a picture of a duck

i like ducks